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Natural stone and ceramic tile can crack. Engineered wood, while more dimensionally stable than solid wood, unfortunately has a thin veneer layer that can wear down a plywood base. Ibis Laminate Flooring's thin, transparent wear layer is incredibly strong and scratch-resistant.Ibis Laminate Flooring is often maligned as flimsy. But remember that even the "real stuff" has its own durability problems. While Solid Hardwood Flooring is beautiful and long-lasting, it is less dimensionally stable than laminate. In other words, it can warp. Because of laminate's base of high-density fiberboard, it has more bounce and "give" than hard floor coverings like stone, ceramic, porcelain, or concrete. Drop a glass bottle on laminate flooring and there is a good chance that it will bounce. Drop that bottle on stone or ceramic and you have ten minutes of cleaning ahead of you. For Flooring Tiles, Wooden Flooring Tiles and Skirtings, or PVC Skirtings

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